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The Journey Begins

It was a big weekend for Dean and I. We finally got to "get our hands in the soil" as they say. We got the tilling, soil sampling and Ph testing done and only two weeks until we get plants. We pick up some in Kannapolis, KS and then the rest from Clarkson.

Then starts 2 weeks of "hardening" the plants where we will have them outside during the day and then in the barn at night. This just makes their stalks stronger to handle the wind and colder temps that they aren't used to since they have been in a greenhouse all this time.

We are getting 74 plants and 11 varieties to test through this year. We need to see what plants will winter well. Then we will know what to purchase in a larger quantity.

Dean is so interested in soap making. We have this book and he reads it all the time. It looks overwhelming to me right now. I just want to grow the plants, keep the weeds down and get them to winter first. But, Dean is very excited and is making all kinds of plans. đź“·:)

So stay tuned!

Getting a soil sample

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