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Lavender Plant Update

We are full-on summer here in Northeast Nebraska, and the sad news is none of the 140 plants we put in last year survived the tumultuous weather we have had in Nebraska.

But on our new plants are looking good. We planted over 100 new plants and so far have lost only 2, and the other plants have doubled in size. One plant even has a shoot coming up and trying to flower. What a trooper!

Other farm news is our mascot Millie had 8 baby kittens and is a wonderful Mama. She is busy feeding the little tykes, but all 8 are doing well.

We attempted to put Buffalo grass in between our plants in the field, but with the lack of the warmer temps of 80-90 needed for it to grow the weeds were taking over so this week we went back to tilling and Organic Preen on the walking rows between the plants. It worked pretty effectively for us last year, so we are doing that once again.

We had hoped to get some new products out this summer, but it looks like it will be September before that happens. Until then, we have stepped back to research more plants and field techniques to try to get the lavender to grow, and we have one big event in August so stay tuned for more details on that.

Hope your summer is going by well, and you get to enjoy a lazy day or two or three this summer!


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