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Is Lavender Safe for Your Dog?

As many of you know, AJ our sheltie spends a lot of time in the lavender field with me. I knew lavender was beneficial for people, but how about for dogs?

AJ has had high anxiety during storms and fireworks, so after reading a few articles online, I decided to ask my veterinarian about the effects of lavender on dogs in general.

Are Essential Oils Safe?

As you may well know, essential oils have been all the rage recently for humans, but what about for your dog?

Our veterinarian explained that lavender buds were safe for dogs, but she didn’t recommend the straight use of lavender essential oil.

The strength of the compressed oil is stronger than consumers know and can burn a dog’s skin and even become toxic to them, causing vomiting, diarrhea, and scratching.

However, a lavender essential oil diluted in water, shampoo, sprays, and other forms drastically reduces the strength of the oil, thus becoming safe to use.

Are Lavender Buds Safe?

I also asked about our hopes to make lavender dog biscuits and received another thumbs up for dog usage. Lavender buds are safe for dogs to ingest as long as it’s not in large quantities.

We have made several test batches of dog biscuits so far with ground lavender buds and peanut butter.

I am happy to say our very picky AJ, who eats nothing but the most expensive brand of dog treats, gobbled them up.

Why Give Your Dogs Lavender?

According to Canine Journal’s article, Doggy Day Spa lavender can be helpful with several needs for a dog from getting rid of fleas, anxiety, and skin irritations.

Just as for humans, one of the benefits of lavender for dogs is also its anti-bacterial qualities.


So after expert advice on the matter and reading countless articles about the benefits of lavender oil and buds for dogs, we have decided to move forward with a new line of Lavender Dog products. It will include doggie treats, shampoo, lavender linen spray to spray on doggie beds and a surprise Christmas gifts for your favorite canine.

The dog biscuits have all-natural ingredients, and the peanut butter that we use contains no xylitol. Only culinary lavender is used to ensure that the lavender has had no exposure to pesticides and is safe for consumption.

Tell us what flavors of dog biscuits you think your dog would like best:

Lavender Peanut Butter treats

Lavender Chamomile Bedtime Treats

Lavender Blueberry treats

Lavender Vanilla treats


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