Why Lavender?

Hi! Dean and Marcie here!

We are starting our exciting new adventure into lavender farming, with our Simply Lavender Farm.

Why lavender you may ask?

We began our journey last November when we were looking for a new business idea. I was watching I Bought a Farm on GAC (one of my late-night favorites) and a couple was buying a farm to grow lavender and goats. During the show, they had a few Q&A questions which really piqued my interest. I shared it with Dean and the research began.

We spent most of November-February investigating if it was even possible to grow in Nebraska. We toured Mim and Kevin Klawonn’s Country Lavender Farm in Hampton, NE and they invited us to the Regional Lavender meeting as their guests.

After that meeting, we were hooked. You will find Lavender Farmers are the nicest people. The group works together in so many ways to help the growth and commerce of lavender. We came out of that meeting with ideas, support and determination to make this happen.

We hope you will join us through this journey as we set out through the process of planting, and growing, successes and failures, and from research to retail.

So we would appreciate if you would LIKE our page and let your friends know about the farm.

Til next time...Marcie-Lavender Weeder Extraordinaire


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Madison, Nebraska

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